A NEW mini-review of Juliet Cook's "Projectile Vomit", an E-chap published more than 10 years ago (published in 2008 by Scantily Clad Press)!

"I highly recommend this book unless you have a fear of tuna."

From a new mini-review of "Projectile Vomit", an E-chap by Juliet Cook that's more than ten years old!

(One interesting factor involved with me reading older poetry of mine that I haven't read much in recent years {since I'm rather frequently writing new poetry and reading other people's poetry} is that it can backtrack me to certain memories of myself in the past. For example, one of the poems in this collection, "Bubble Wrap" backtracks me to my mid to late twenties when I was focused on my own bones, was disgusted by chicken bones, wanted to be unnaturally skinny so that as many bones stood out as much as possible from my own skin, and had fainting spells. Below are a few lines from my "Bubble Wrap")

   I wanted to hone my own finessed utensils.
   Flay the muddled layers. Trace the gleaming details
   of tibia, femur, vertebrae displayed like perfect syllables.
   I wanted to revise.  Crush marrow in mortar & pestle.
   Devise a new underpinning that would glow
   beneath my skin with cut gem precision.
   Then my fainting spells would taper.
   Then my vision would stop blurring
   fuzzy sweater sleeves into stunted wings;

   into indefinable stings and squawks as I tried to gain accentuation
   on another slasher flick stage-set check-up table
   with another ambiguous layer removed.
   My sharpened elbows exposed in their transitional pose.
   My new beak-job too sore to peck out those awful eyes.
   Those indiscriminate spies, how dare they
   take my bait before I’d even hooked it.
   Those gluttonous sluts.  I hadn’t even cast myself.
   This flesh for cash hack-job was not what I wanted.
   I hadn’t even sexily spiked myself.

Thank you to Jason Denness for this review, of which you can read more HERE - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show?id=2836858082

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