NEW in Misfit Magazine! "Myth Owls Targeted At Evil" by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain

j/j hastain and Juliet Cook have a long collaborative poem called "Myth Owls Targeted At Evil" appearing within Issue No. 28, Fall 2019 of Misfit Magazine, surrounded by all kinds of other poems too.
"In this dream scene, Alice in Wonderland turns herself in
to a screeching owl ready to strike.
She also walks to soften.
She wobbles inside her head.

One side of her wants to help
every owlet grow non-predatory
and the other side of her wants
to rip someone’s head off.

That takes us back to the beginning.
Torn open skin and blood gushing red
and when will this finally become a metamorphosis
instead of an animal contest
filled with meat cut into pieces."