NEW from Blood Pudding Press! PEDIOPHOBIA by Daniel G. Snethen!

Tonight, within the final dark hours of Friday the 13th of December 2019, one night after the last full moon of the year, is the perfect night to introduce the creepy, crawly, scary, strangely rotating table of doll heads within a NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook! PEDIOPHOBIA by Daniel G. Snethen!

PEDIOPHOBIA's amalgamation of horrific dolls is Blood Pudding Press's style! Quirky, dark, darkly comedic, oddly disturbing, and twisted. Screaming eyed dolls and broken doll bodies. Dolls as killers, dolls as evil, dolls as gods, dolls as horror movie scenes, dolls as bloody apples, dolls as distorted bible verse.

PEDIOPHOBIA offers you sixteen peculiar poems by Daniel G. Snethen!

PEDIOPHOBIA artwork was created especially for this collection by Josh Birrittieri - an outside front cover, an inside front cover, and an outside back cover!

PEDIOPHOBIA has been printed and designed by Blood Pudding Press creature Juliet Cook, bound with yarn AND scraggly doll hair, but don't blame me if the doll hair bites you! 


According to Daniel G. Snethen himself:

"My newest chapbook Pediophobia (Fear of Dolls) will soon be ready. It will be bound together by hand. Juliet Cook is the publisher and owner of Blood Pudding Press. Every copy will be handmade by her. Juliet is also an extraordinary poet herself. Josh Birrittieri did all the graphics for this chapbook and they are absolutely amazing. And I may be bragging a bit here, but I doubt you will find a better more complete collection of doll poetry anywhere. Many of the poems are creepy some are funny and a few are sad. One is a continuation of a famous episode from the Twilight Zone. One or two might even be considered demented. And several of them are peopled with personages I personally know. If you dare to read these and you know me, don't be too surprised if you recognize some of the characters and settings. If you hate dolls and find them creepy and disturbing, this slim volume of poetry is definitely for you. It will cure you of narcolepsy and will give you reason to run the light meter all eventide long. So please spend a few dollars and indulge yourself... your insanity is worth it."


"Green glassy eyed heads
Unblinking verdant eyed stares
Headless dolls of Hell"

(within the poem "Nightmare of Dolls")


"Dark human corpses piled
high on doll infested hills.
Unblinking dolls smiling,
keeping tally with their quills,
as people topple"

(within the poem "Doll Food")


"Fearfully, I turn and flee from the cottonwoods of doll heads but
not before hearing Mother weeping and crying out in her aged voice,
“My son, my son, why hast thou forsaken me!”"

(within the poem "Doll Heads")


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