The new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, PEDIOPHOBIA by Daniel G. Snethen is included in Eileen Murphy's recent book recommendations! AND Daniel G. Snethen has a poetry reading coming up that showcases PEDIOPHOBIA!

Below is a photo posted by Eileen Murphy this past weekend in one of her book recommendation posts, that includes the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, PEDIOPHOBIA by Daniel G. Snethen! 🖤
Here's what Eileen Murphy had to say - and for those who might want to acquire their very own copy of PEDIOPHOBIA for the New Year, you may do so HERE -  https://www.etsy.com/listing/762123585/new-pediophobia-by-daniel-g-snethen-2019?ref=shop_home_feat_4💜
"Eileen Recommends: (selected from my incoming mail)
LEFT: Pediophobia is a new poetry chapbook by Daniel Snethen from Blood Pudding Press: the title means "fear of DOLLS." Handcrafted, the chapbook is gorgeous, and includes some real doll's curls incorporated into the book's cover art. The poems will knock your socks off, too.
MIDDLE: Writing in Wet Cement by Jayne Lisbeth explores one woman's experiences with psychological abuse and her successful escape into joy and safety. It's a suspenseful as well as thought-provoking read. Five stars.
RIGHT: Trinity Sight by Jenn Givhan is a debut novel---a powerful, engaging story set in the post-apocalyptic future, with a few major twists. Jenn Givhan is already an award-winning, established poet. This book successfully combines the poetic magic she's known for with a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
photo by Eileen Murphy
Why not read all three? I guarantee you'll find lots to like."

Also, here is a bit of information from Daniel Snethen about a poetry reading on Saturday January 4, that will showcase his work from PEDIOPHOBIA. If you live near here, consider going to see him read some poems from his new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook and other books too.
If you don't live near here and still want to partake of PEDIOPHOBIA's poetry innards, you can acquire a copy from the Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/762123585/new-pediophobia-by-daniel-g-snethen-2019?ref=shop_home_feat_4
On Saturday January 4th, starting at 6 PM, at Lucky Eagle Tattoo located at 408 Main Ave,  Brookings, South Dakota, 57006!
From Daniel Snethen - "Come visit Lucky Eagle Tattoo in Brookings, SD Saturday January 4th. I will be showcasing my newest chapbook Pediophobia hand published by Blood Pudding Press with cover art by Josh Birrittieri. I will be doing readings from Pediophobia, Anne I Weep for Thee, Bird and perhaps a few other poems. I will have several poetry items for sale including several editions of DARKLING and will be signing books. Start time is 6 pm. Everyone is welcome especially other poets."
photo by Daniel Snethen

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