Could your creative work be a part of a future Thirteen Myna Birds flock?

As of right now, the forthcoming February flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has one remaining spot in the flock for a uniquely wonderful poem or piece of art. Could it be yours?

You can join forces with the creative offerings of other poetry/art by Sandra Feen, Eileen Murphy/MISH, John Sweet, Daniel G. Snethen, and John Compton, all of whose work will be appearing within that February flock.

Of course as of right now, the current January flock of Myna Birds (the first of 2020) is still available for your perusal, featuring creative offerings from some of the poets/artists named above and also John Grey, Ashley Cox, Aaron Pride, and Wayne F Burke.

Read the current offerings and consider submitting to Thirteen Myna Birds if you think your creative offerings might be a good fit among the other oddities. The guidelines appear near the middle right of the flock.


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