NEW! EVIL ME by MISH is the first new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook of 2020!

A NEW poetry chapbook from Blood Pudding Press is newly available as of August 2020!

EVIL ME includes 19 poems by MISH - and MISH also created the cover art!

You can find out more about the poet/artist Eileen "MISH" Murphy, via her website HERE - https://mishmurphy.com/

The poems within EVIL ME offer a powerful mix of quirky, delightful, dark, sad, and depressing - with the focus ranging from troubling childhood issues to new romance/marriage to failed romance/divorce with quirks, mental dilemmas, family dilemmas, depression, and death.

Each chapbook is hand-designed, hand bound with colorful ribbon or yarn, and you can choose your own color of cover stock for the chapbook's cover.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

          My pussy and legs are buried deep under an abandoned sand castle—
only my feet are visible—they wiggle at passers-by—
And my heart—I can’t find my heart.

   My heart got stung by a bee, only once, but it was a bad bee. 

in the poem "My Head Lives"


Acquire your very own copy of EVIL ME, here - 

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