Lit Cleveland 2020 Celebration of Writers - Poetry (AND links to some 2020 poetry chapbooks)

Juliet Cook's 2020 poetry chapbook, "The Rabbits With Red Eyes" (Ethel) appears on this list of Lit Cleveland 2020 Celebration of Writers - Poetry. Thank you to Lit Cleveland. 

*** If interested in finding out a bit more about this chapbook and maybe even acquiring a copy for yourself or a friend, you can do so via Ethel HERE -
https://www.ethelzine.com/the-rabbits-with-red-eyes OR via the Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/792299569/new-the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet?ref=shop_home_feat_4 *** Another 2020 poetry collection of Cook's that you can check out for free online (or offer a small donation if so inclined) is her micro-chapbook, "Histrionics Inside My Interior City", published by the 2020 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chap Series HERE - https://ghostcitypress.com/2020-summer-series/histrionics-inside-my-interior-city?fbclid=IwAR3lDG5A_L11_0v_-3T9Uvl4GX2u2mClInnLFcXfcBk4nFwv7LaO1IB4xRU

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