NEW! A collaborative poem by Juliet Cook and Martin Willitts Jr appears in Pinky Thinker Press Issue No. 2

Martin Willitts Jr. and Juliet Cook have a collaborative poem, "My Computer is Plotting Against Me", surrounded by all sorts of other interesting art and writing in Pinky Thinker Press, Issue No. 2!

(Our poem appears on page 6. )

"...I get ads for machines
that mass produce kittens on conveyor belts. I get spam,
literally that fake meat, pouring out of the motherboard."

read more HERE - https://www.mignolo.art/ptp


P.S. For anyone who hasn't looked at Pinky Thinker yet, one thing that really makes this new magazine stand out uniquely is that it includes all kinds of artsy dance choreography and Screendances. It offers dance art alongside visual art, collage art, and word art (poetry, stories, screenplays). A big part of the reason I sent poetry to this publication was because I don't think I've ever been in a magazine that has poetry appearing right next to contemporary dance performance art and I thought that was really cool. I'm not a great dancer, but I love artsy dance choreography and see/feel it as another form of creative/poetic expression that can go hand in hand with poetry and so I am delighted that Pinky Thinker is exploring this!

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