The NEW March flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!

The NEW March flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE! - https://13myna.blogspot.com/

Offering poetry and art by Trina Stolec, Scott Norman Rosenthal, Wayne F Burke, Dustin King, Eileen Murphy, Yash Seyedbagheri, John Grey, Daniel G. Snethen, and S.M. Moore!

"inject that butt with another order of pills - I can’t even tell which lies are true - I must throw a blanket on you, you're so cold in bed - ventilated lungs gasp for air - I take walks in the cemetery where it is quiet - until humans become mass murderers or don’t make it home for a month - I still think they have mad cow disease - You must force yourself into a mailbox and write - my deliciously despicable lair - detached from the moral and cultural climate - Gritty, disturbing, covered in mold - between tattered drapes - She receives and emits her desires to the world around her - on the anniversary of her slaughter - An ink blot, a small country with rivers for borders on my mattress - lead down to a deeper darkness - make footsteps like ghost children - searching for roadkill"

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