NEW! A Conversation with Poet-Publisher-Artist Juliet Cook AND three of her poems at Cultural Daily!

Thank you very much to Mish (Eileen) Murphy for interviewing me a second time for Cultural Daily about poetry, publishing, and art!

Here's a link to the Conversation - https://www.culturaldaily.com/conversation-with-poet-publisher-artist-juliet-cook/?fbclid=IwAR3e9R9bl8sW_sEg8uFmBZCMAGLQ5Ukxt8AVClxYfOyv2Wl4wi2fIg56cpY

And thank you also to Cultural Daily's Poetry Editor Alexis Rhone Fancher for selecting three of my poems to appear there on the same day.

Here's a link to the poems - https://www.culturaldaily.com/juliet-cook-three-poems-2/

"Her mother told her that if she didn’t smile for this group spread, her ass would be spanked until her nose bled and saturated her bad apple. Her blood red apple would be knocked out of her poisoned mouth."

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