Happy Spooky October from Thirteen Myna Birds! A New flock is here to haunt you!

Happy October from Thirteen Myna Birds! A new flock is here to haunt the walls of your brains, offering poetry and art by Jason O'Toole, Daniel Snethen, MISH Murphy, John Maurer, David P. Miller, John Grey, and Malachi Ray Adkins!

"As soon as I sleep, I forget to be positive - vociferous soul-catcher screeching - From hating the lack of love - To loving every bit of hate - still in my hometown driving past cemeteries - strip carcasses bare recycling death unto life - are you sure your mouse finger twitched on the link we told you to twitch? - Might be you don’t have prior experience being human - happiness is a hollow goal - The orange ball wasn’t. Then all at once was and there it is - I’m not allowed to betray what that means - Pumpkin squats on porch and continues to die - Do books go to heaven? Or even hell? - If a book can ascend can it also be murdered? - Who would have thought that little black book would turn out to be great black night..."

Read it HERE - https://13myna.blogspot.com/

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