New! Three collaborative poems by Juliet Cook and Darryl Shupe in Menacing Hedge!

I am delighted to share the new Fall 2021 Issue of Menacing Hedge, in which Juliet Cook and Darryl Shupe have three collaborative poems appearing, surrounded by lots of other creative oddities!

The three collaborative poems are entitled, "Deep-fried Model Faces Sold Here", "Double Deep-fried Giblets", and "Bloody Rubber Chicken" and are part of a small series in progress.

"Rabbit barn playboy
bunny models
with the blood red eyes
are sold for meat curtains.
Choose between albino or furry."

(from the poem 'Double Deep-fried Giblets")

Partake of more of our poems HERE - http://www.menacinghedge.com/fall2021/entry-cook-shupe.php

Read the whole issue HERE - http://www.menacinghedge.com/fall2021/index.php

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