NEW! The December Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE!

The NEW December Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived! Featuring visual art by MISH and poetry by Elyse Hart - Kaci Skiles Laws - Jeremy Szuder - DS Maolalai - Jessica Purdy - Paul Ilechko - Andrew K. Peterson - Vin Whitman.

The simmering mosquito larvae - controlled by the powers of his sorrow - all stretched and making ruts - made a house a home, a home a prison - sometimes I get clocks & mailboxes mixed up - how not to get stuck - and spoiled with cigarette ends - and acid and roasted pig - a dry field, broken open - leaving behind a bitter scrawling of goodbye - I have a hole inside me where love ought to be - cold as broken glass pieces - choose to be unpicked - all the uncomfortable people - the condition that makes them laugh at inappropriate times - the people who couldn't escape - Every root tries to grab hold - blackness feathering the strings - They drown the white horse - flaunting belly until the regurgitation of death - the horse’s nostrils fill with mud

Let My Peeple Go" by MISH

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