The NEW Fall Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE!

The darkly delicious NEW Fall flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE! Brimming with ghastly interpretations of hideous fairy tales combined with real life mini-terrors! Happy Fall filled with poetry/art from Olivia Loccisano, M. Anthony C., MISH, Kristin Garth, Oisin Farraige, John Grey, and Jason Ryberg!

"Listen carefully! - Here is a remedy and a warning for you - Dark transport, from that ranch to home - and your pinkish dress must cover your knees for this puppet has come to play - Joyful undulation bobbing - in blisters and wool, they cry out and gasp - The tree trunks have faces - I don’t know what that says about their equipment - the dough was made of girlish flesh - What lies between, beneath, The turbulent stillness - The wind’s howl gives voice to what a trespasser feels inside - as opposed to the more garden variety near death / life flashing right before your eyes - I hate this hospital - The worker’s dead skin chewed by mini mouths - each leaf of grass flames Its torpid whip on my sight - It’s a sort of merging that takes place - books and new bruises - You have no idea how they tortured me in the basement..."
(this art piece is "Sunset in a parallel world" by MISH, which appears in the new Myna Birds flock)

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