NEW! Two of Juliet Cook's creepy poems are hiding behind the walls in the CUL-DE-SAC OF BLOOD!

"I can pretend my house has turned into a giant
green goat shaped hot air balloon that protects
and serves an unlimited number of grasshoppers

before it pushes me over the edge
and I splatter down hard. From sweet to bloody
oblivion. Synapses massacred."

Juliet Cook has two new creepy poems inside the CUL-DE-SAC OF BLOOD...

HERE - https://www.culdesacofblood.com/juliet-cook


Also, under her two poems, you can click on "Learn more about these poems" and read some of her thoughts.

For example...

"Women bleed and bleed until the menstrual blood stops, their bodies age, and they speed race closer to death. If you didn't get chased to death and chainsawed or stabbed or bludgeoned or otherwise eviscerated when you were younger, then it won't be long before your body starts eviscerating itself. Then you will die. Then you will only exist in a few other people's memories, perspectives, and (mis)interpretations.

Perhaps my poetry exaggerates these matters, but it's true that the real me not existing anymore is terrifying to me.

I hope that parts of me might still exist in my poetry, even if it tends towards the negative."

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