NEW! Happy Fall from Thirteen Myna Birds!

Happy Fall from Thirteen Myna Birds!
"This is the hope of lizards and birds when they hold still in a hand, the endless hope - we have nothing else - I am unwell - Pink foam explodes from my head - to always appear kissable depends - Soon I’ll be recycled - my hard drive’s caught a nasty virus - It mentions changes that require more evaluation - Tick-ridden, each word - an electric cigarette - she remembers the rage in his body..."
NEW creative work by Noemi Ixchel Martinez, James Croal Jackson, Beate Sigriddaughter, MISH Eileen Murphy, and iDrew

(For the poetic art images within this Myna Birds flock, feel free to click on each one for a larger view. 🖤)

time frame 1 by Noemi Ixchel Martinez

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