A NEW Poetry Interview with Juliet Cook is up on Cultural Weekly! So are three poems!

Thank you very much to Eileen Murphy for conducting this Cultural Weekly Interview with Juliet Cook about poetry. One of the questions she asked was why dolls find their way into much of Cook's poetry and here was part of the response:

"I feel like some people view or treat other people like dolls, in certain ways. Or maybe not specifically like dolls, but like un-meaningful, un-individualistic, largely emotionless, relatively heartless bodies that can just be broken into little pieces, thrown away, heaped in the trash, or tossed in a garbage barrel with a bunch of other quickly cut off doll heads."

Read more by clicking this link - https://www.culturalweekly.com/interview-writerpublisher-juliet-cook/


Also new in Cultural Weekly, you can read three poems from Cook's poetry chapbook, "From One Ruined Human to Another" (including the title poem), which is mentioned in the Interview above.

Read the poems here - https://www.culturalweekly.com/juliet-cook-three-poems/?fbclid=IwAR3OCyk9E8DFoYsBmM5IaXvXtS5cQ8NdnUkSkuaRyWyc-PNAIHz8LDjjlgE


You can acquire your very own copy of "From One Ruined Human..." from the press that published it here - https://darkparticlepress.com/bookstore-1/from-one-ruined-human-to-another

Or directly from the Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/634109226/from-one-ruined-human-to-another-by?ref=shop_home_active_6

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