Happy October from Thirteen Myna Birds! A NEW flock has arrived!

Happy October from Thirteen Myna Birds! The first three creepy doll poems here are TEASERS from the poetry chapbook PEDIOPHOBIA by Daniel G. Snethen, coming soon (shortly before Halloween) from  Blood Pudding Press!
After that, you get 13 other creepy, dark, disturbing, sad, oddly amusing, unsettling offerings from Eileen Murphy, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, U.S. Fowler, E. Martin Pedersen, John Grey, Nate Maxson, and MISH.
"Glazed glassy eyes ghoulishly staring from white bone porcelain heads - You dream of arms, legs, torsos, being tossed into an open pit - smoke pouring from the kitchen - a plastic ballerina spinning - Butterflies dissolve behind your eyes - those bright black eyes that untied my strings - Black plumed rooks pluck at green glassy doll eyes - the battered boxes of our hearts - inside a jewelry box - It happens again & again - I’m grabbing onto something live, wriggling - in a ragged tutu - blooming in the hollow of my throat - as the crow pecks out my left eye - I turn and flee from the cottonwoods of doll heads - But he always comes back the next time doesn’t he? - Dark human corpses piled high on doll infested hills - We put him back in the ground and hope for a good harvest - An explosion of red..."

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