the latest offering:


a hand-designed, ribbon-bound poetry chapbook, starring the following extra-delectable, extra-sexy, extra-sinister poets:

Jill Alexander Essbaum, Melissa Culbertson, Kyle Simonsen, Mary Alexandra Agner, Derek Motion, murmurists, Matina Stamatakis, Christine Hamm, Elisa Gabbert, Amber Nelson, Sara Mumolo, Pablo Joaquin Lopez, Nikol Raquel Polidoro, Peg Duthie, Kenneth Pobo, Luc Simonic, Michalle Gould, Kristy Bowen, Melissa Crowe, Juliet Cook, Shelley Nation, Stephen Morse, Victor D. Infante, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Todd Heldt, Rachel Lisi, John Rocco and T.A. Noonan

Each and every copy is one-of-a-kind.


Comments on [GROWLING SOFTLY]:

[GROWLING SOFTLY] is poetic ambrosia.

Rachel Lisi


I have to squee over having received my contributor's copy of [GROWLING SOFTLY], a chapbook now available from Blood Pudding Press that includes two of my poems. Juliet is creating each and every copy to be one-of-a-kind, and I am delighted with mine -- the odd shine of the brown paper, the slightly raggedy blue-purple ribbon, the tag of a skeleton in a smock on the back cover with the legend "Magical Tempest," the provocative collage inside the front cover (titled "Pure Sweet Pulp")... And, of course, lots of new poems to read!

Peg Duthie


i got my copy in the mail last night, and it was so hot, it had burned all the other envelopes to a crisp. it was actually even better than i expected. it looks beautiful, it feels good in your hands, and the poetry is definitely high-caliber shit straight from the corner. snort this book immediately or face dire consequences.

Kyle Simonsen


the chapbook made me deliriously happy. i love it. i want to give it little kisses.

Stephanie Graves


Just got my copy of [Growling Softly]. It is so beautiful and unique! You should charge 50 bucks a copy, at least.
Christine Hamm


I received the chap-mag in the mail yesterday, and it's amazing! I was afraid to open it in fear I'd ruin your delicate (and highlycreative) bindings! But, I'm glad I did open it. Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your magazine, for giving me the opportunity to be included with some great poets, and for creating such a beautifully delicious (and highly debaucherous)book!

Matina Stamatakis



Misti Rainwater-Lites


I've published a lot of poems but never in such a beautiful magazine. From the collage to the paper it really is a wonderful thing.

John Rocco


I got my growling softly today--- it's AWESOME!

Jill Alexander Essbaum


Disturbingly beautiful!

Suzanne Grazyna


murmurists copy of [Growling Softly] arrived today. It looks simply lovely; a beautiful object, filled with beautiful things.



This collection is an absolute knockout! Expect to be panting with exhaustion when you are done with these juicy & seductive poems. (Or perhaps when THEY are done with YOU!) My favorites are Melissa Culbertson's "Fleur and the Phantom Limb" (Yes, I am a tad biased...of course!), Jill Alexander Essbaum's "Rag(e) Doll" and Juliet Cook's "The Angel of Death". I also love the poems by Kristy Bowen and Christine Hamm...and too many others to mention here...

Susan Slaviero

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another offering:

GIRL GANG by Juliet Cook

A series of ten poems about women with aliases, sex, violence, insecurity, and petite dessert products.

'the girl gang poems really did it for me. they have a very kung-fu, blaxplotation in a frilly dress, covered-with-fudge feel to them.'

Kyle Simonsen, poet

'Sexy, unexpected poems with a wonderfully quirky dash of humor. I suddenly feel the need to create a tasty nom de plume. With frosting. '

Susan Slaviero, poet and editor of literary magazine 'blossombones'

'Very cinematic, very original work.' W.B. Keckler, poet

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another offering:

The Laura Poems by Juliet Cook

A series of ten poems inspired by Laura Palmer from David Lynch's Twin Peaks

I read through The Laura Poems on Saturday morning, while the house was still quiet. There were a couple of wincing instances - not the bad kind - but the reflexive sort where you almost can't read anymore for the reverberations down your spine. The subject you tackled sets the stage for that I think.

They strike right at the heart of what it is to be a young woman...the helplessness and sheer terror of being singularly female in a (still) very male-centric world. What a beautiful and personal visual presentation of the collection as well. I love the detail of paper scraps, the ribbon binding, and the talon on the front.

Jennifer Hill-Kaucher, poet

There are 10 poems here, all so evocative of the Lynchian mood. Each one has such a different atmosphere, an aura, or an aroma that lingers.

Rachel Kendall, writer and editor of 'Sein Und Werden'; read her full review and a sample poem here:


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It's sure to be ever so creepy and yummy!


Suzanne said...

All are excellent!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely, my succulent siren!
i'm still SO enjoying my copies of GS and TLP.

your pavlov dg,