[GROWLING SOFTLY] and all kinds of other poetry goodness mentioned on the DIY Poetry site today! Stock up on poetic morsels for holiday gifts!



Also, check out this delicious (and flattering!) new blurb about [GROWLING SOFTLY] from poet Rachel Lisi. Oooh la la!

'It has been such an honor to be a part of this beautiful, tantalizing project. Two of my favorite poems have been included in this sinfully glazed anthology which tickles me to no end. This gorgeous, hand-crafted edition has been created with the magic and sensual touch of Ms. Juliet Lexica. My poetry is nestled in among some of the finest and most delectable poets I have come across. It is true poetic ambrosia.

Trust me when I say if you like to devour dark sweets of the mind and heart (and nibble on areas that lie just below), you will LOVE this anthology. OR if you know someone who is into the same kind of carnal confection, this makes a superb stocking stuffer. And no two are the same. They are as unique as you are. '


Or how about this little pretty from Ryan Smith.

'The sweetest, most lovely parcel I have received this year! Where did you get the ribbon! I am super impressed with this chapbook, and the TLC given to my parcel. Super bargain for lovingly prepared chapbook. Blood Pudding Press is top! '