Introducing the Corsetina

The Corsetina, a frisson-esque (in)fusion of new poetic (dress) form
by Juliet Cook

The Corsetina is a new poetic form that fuses the forms of two pre-existing constricting entities—the corset and the Tritina—into a frisson-esque poetic dress form.

It is a rather constraining form, but what would one expect from a poetic form named the Corsetina?

The Tritina is a poetic form that in turn derived from the Sestina, but is a shorter version. It is a ten line poem divided into three stanzas of three lines each plus one final line. Each line in the poem must end with one of three words (chosen by the poet) in the following scheme:

Stanza 1: a-b-c

Stanza 2: c-a-b

Stanza 3: b-c-a

Final line: must include all three of the words in a repetition of the starting sequence (a-b-c)

Other than the word scheme, most other details are left to the discretion of the poet.

There need not be a particular rhyme scheme (if any) or meter.

Subject matter/theme/tone is also discretionary, but would ideally be in some way breathlessness-inducing and/or vaguely erotic and/or flirting with alteration.

Line lengths are also discretionary, EXCEPT where the corset aspects of the form come into play.

Like the shape of a corset, the shape of this poem must be wider at the top, narrower in the middle, and wider at the bottom. Thus, the middle (second stanza) must appear noticeably narrower, akin to a restricted waist.

This is a new poetic form and I am still experimenting with it myself, so I may make some slight alterations to these guidelines later, if so inclined.

For now, I am going to be working on my own first Corsetina and I would like to invite any interested parties to try on a Corsetina, too. Please feel free to send me your Corsetina(s) (to JulietX@Bust.com) and perhaps I will post some here or elsewhere (I’ll keep you abreast). I will also be posting my own effort(s) when I am more satisfied with it.

Stay tuned.

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