a new review of w i n g’d & another Corsetina

w i n g’d, Kyle Simonsen’s growlicious Blood Pudding Press chapbook from earlier this year, is reviewed in the latest issue of ‘Prick of the Spindle’. Although I disagree with the perspective that his language and imagery usage is ‘ungrounded’, have a look at the review for a few interesting little snippets from the collection.

The review is here:


w i n g’d itself is still available here:



Also, below is another Corsetina that found its way to my inbox.

Feel free to send me YOURS.

"Death in the Forest"

help her satisfy the lust for deprivation, degradation, beneath this crumbling forest of decomposing veins
falling around the neck now, those vine-like appendages, squeezing the life from a decadent soul.

fill her up and suck her dry and teach the one who fell from glory how to talk to god.

just an arm full of god
is withering veins.
a dried up fading soul.

it takes not the golden eyes of the universe to see through an invisible dying soul.
a whisper of what was and what will come with the return of an elaborately drawn-up god
undeniably, the life of lightning racing, unstoppable, uncontrollable, through tired, hungry, lusting veins.

now quiet veins remind the strangled soul of the absence of god.

by Candace Turlington

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