CARNIVORACIOUS is now available

CARNIVORACIOUS is a hand-designed poetry chapbook collaboration betwixt Suzanne Grazyna and Juliet Cook. Each poet contributes five poems, all of which are inspired by carnivorous plants.

If you want to stick your finger in a Venus Flytrap, get bitten by a Cobra Lily, and drown in a succulent Pitcher Plant, you’d best act extra-fast, because only seven copies of this super limited edition collection will be made available for sale through Blood Pudding Press!

The cover is dangerously bedazzling, the ribbon binding is hot pink seam or black eyelash lace, the design flourishes are flirting with disastrous demise, and the innards will dissolve you in their acids. To see more details, images, or to make a snatch, please visit http://www.bloodpuddingpress.etsy.com/.


"cook and grazyna delight at every turn in this twisted morsel sure to nibble upon your fleshy parts, sucking you in to be frenziedly frisked by such fronds, rapturous at every rapacious rhizome, happily devoured with each bite of the botanical. "

Nicole Cartwright Denison, poet

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suzanne grazyna said...

Beautiful and dangerous!!!

Thank you!