An interview with Juliet Cook at Birds of Lace

Below is a link to an older, poetry-oriented interview with Blood Pudding Press editor Juliet Cook that was originially published in a unique print publication called Freshette - and is now available online at Birds of Lace (thank you Gina Abelkop!).

Here's a snippet: "every once in a while, I get in a mode in which I start thinking about the possible pointlessness of it all or maybe even the frivolousness of it all or maybe even the self-indulgence involved with investing so much time and energy into creating these little art projects that probably mostly just matter to me. However, we all have to find our sense of special meaning and significance somewhere—for some, it’s in the camaraderie surrounding sports, for some it’s through religious beliefs, for some it’s political activism, for some it’s careerism, etc.. For me, it’s poetry. I feel that this realm is where my voice truly belongs and can most authentically express itself, whether or not my expressions resonate for others."

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