New Thirteen Myna Birds Smithereens

Thirteen Myna Birds latest update is now live!

Starring new poetry by Michelle Detorie, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Joseph Harker, Daniel G. Snethen, Trisha Low, & Franklin Murdock (plus older poems remaining by Molly Curtis & Corey Mesler).

Here is a strange smithereen of tidbits created by lines from each new piece : “a spool of gloss torn by clipped sun, staining your junctures, cunt murmurs, writhe helpless, Tangled, telescopic eyes, ravenous for my flesh, a tattoo costs the same as an abortion, a pulpy trophy, what are you wearing, strip to your terrors”

Smithereen it for yourself: http://13myna.blogspot.com/

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