New Thirteen Myna Birds ("shards of soft white flashing through the stars and darkness")

Thirteen Myna Birds has been newly updated to include new fleshy waves and dark beauty created by Tantra Bensko, Ben Rasnic, & Jay Robinson (as well as older morsels still remaining from Michelle Detorie, Joseph Harker, Misti Rainwater-Lites, & Daniel G. Snethen).

Partake of a small snippet of lines seized from the new pieces and then give in to their whole bodies by clicking the link below.

"heaving waters and black lavas - glittering and exchanging fantasies - the trees hoot in the owl - sparrows plummet from air - plunging the depths - powering fire"



P.S. I have read and responded to all recent Thirteen Myna Birds submissions, but recently found out that I never responded to one contributer, so am now feeling worried that I might have accidentally deleted some email or had a computer issue. If you have contributed to Thirteen Myna Birds and never received an acceptance or rejection response, please do let me know.

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