New Thirteen Myna Birds (bodies, blood, ghosts, love, hate)

A new especially bloody, ghostly, volatile installment of Thirteen Myna Birds is now live, offering poems by Jillian Mukavetz, Chris Moran, Mather Schneider, M.P. Powers, Letitia Trent, & Wesley Dylan Gray.

These pieces will stay up for about a month (or a little shorter or a
little longer) and then the Myna Birds will fall and rise and slither

The next installment has already chosen MORE poems by two of the above poets (Jillian Mukavetc and M.P. Powers) and is eagerly awaiting submissions from others too.

Here are a few snippets fused from the current poems:

vaginal flesh a dream - black eyes - the shine of the dark, rippled with
red - like low-hanging corn - ice cream cone melting - fanged rabbits
hopping - a leg aches, suddenly snaps - poisonous laughter - blood and
glasses - open my whiteness until it pools - encompassing bone and flesh
- slipping on the brink - bursting


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