Thirteen Myna Birds got new wings (and is craving even newer wings soon)...

"the broken chandelier as it swings like a marionette – silver glint of fear - face and nose twitching - rainbow flakes - a yellow eye - boring a hole through platforms of sorrow - bustle and sweep of wings spoiling the hush"

The latest Thirteen Myna Birds has now gone live - with NEW darkly delicious poetic offerings from Walter Conley and Daniel G. Snethen – OLDER poem pieces still remaining from Lora Bloom– plus NEW AND OLD poetry morsels by Lisa M. Cole and Alex S. Johnson.

Here is a link to the latest Myna Birds flock:

(There is also a small change to the Thirteen Myna Birds submission guidelines going forward. Chances are pretty decent that if I liked/published your poetry once, I might very well like and be interested in publishing more of it in the future - BUT with that said, I don't really want to publish the same people every month - I desire NEW amalgamations - SO if someone has sent me a submission and received a rejection OR an acceptance, please wait three months or more before submitting to me again.  Tell some of your poetry loving friends to read the current offering and consider submitting for the next!)

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