"a visceral fusion of creatures who are hybrids of human and animal and machine"

Another poet recently linked to this short older article by Blood Pudding Press editor Juliet Cook, called ‘Five Highly Recommended Living Poets’ – which prompted her to re-read the article to find out if she still felt strongly about those poets – and she did.  Thus the article is linked to below, as well as a quote from the beginning of the article AND small snippets from the sections related to each of the five poets.

“the land of poetry happens to be a very multifaceted, highly-powerful, super-charged, vibrant, and dynamic realm abuzz with many colonies of exciting poets who are alive and writing today and who are very much relevant to current lives and the current zeitgeist”

“~Rebecca Loudon: Idiosyncratic and throbbingly visceral, Loudon mines loaded terrains of mental illness, longing, sex and other insatiable desires”

“~Lara Glenum: … I found myself thinking of it as 'post-apocalyptic porno poetry' and then I thought that it wasn't just post-apocalyptic, it was also post-porno-and kind of post-gender-and maybe even post-HUMAN”

“~Kristy Bowen: Evocative in its own unique way and flirting with themes related to femininity, the paranormal, the historical, and peculiar memory banks”

“~Tess Gallagher: For slightly more traditional tastes, Gallagher is a poet who has been publishing poignant, naturally descriptive, powerfully emotional, and non-didactic political poetry for years, some of it drawing upon her own life experiences including her childhood, her world travels, her loving relationship with fellow poet Raymond Carver and painful loss of him to an untimely death”

“~Lynn Crosbie: …obsessively and lushly fixated upon the seamier side of popular culture, the more dysfunctional side of romantic relationships, and other dark underbellies”


In other, more recent poetry-related news, TOMORROW OCTOBER 15 IS THE LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR POETRY CHAPBOOK TO THE BLOOD PUDDING PRESS CONTEST (more details here - http://bloodyooze.blogspot.com/2012/09/blood-pudding-press-is-accepting.html).  Submissions will be accepted up through midnight the night of October 15!

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