New Thirteen Myna Birds - Happy Halloween!

New hideous writhings of oozing malformed Myna Birds wings frothing and flying and falling towards Halloween here - http://13myna.blogspot.com/

Offerings from Letitia Trent, Holly Day, Jessica Otto, Rachel M. Newlon, J. Bradley, Jamie Grefe, Daniel Mutch, Bill Wolak, and Daniel G. Snethen 

 "what will you say when it's me in the crib in a coffin - beak smeared with slime - flayed nerves and slippery blood vessels - dark sketched edges of bleeding - stars drip from the belly - pucker in flashes - melting into new curses - a swollen pupil - searching - corpses of splattered spills - empty bird’s nests - clenched fist of night - winter jutting up…"

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