Limited Edition Poetry Chapbook - The Spare Room by Dana Guthrie Martin - temporarily available again in print

The Spare Room by Dana Guthrie Martin is a contest winning Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, originally published in 2009, and sold out in 2010. It is now being made available again for a limited time - from now until December 2012.

This artfully woven and disturbingly resonant suite of twenty poems by Dana Guthrie Martin combines myth with real life in unlikely ways and draws uniquely thought provoking parallels between torture scenes, sideshow attractions, scientific anomalies, and what it means to be a contemporary woman trying to stake out her own existence as an individual and as a partner. Sex, pain, isolation, and temptation are just some of the hot button themes Dana Guthrie Martin deals with in this unflinching, intense, and brutally poetic collection.

The wonderfully unsettling cover art for the chapbook is by Keith Part2ism Hopewell.

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