Blood Pudding Press Poetry Chapbook Contest Results! – Three Semi-Finalists and Two Winners Announced!

This was a tough, challenging choice for Blood Pudding Press to make, as the contest entries were filled with so many interesting, well-written, diverse offerings, brimming with oodles of their own unique talent and flare.

Ultimately, the two chosen to be published by Blood Pudding Press were the two I decided were the best fit for my press, content-wise and stylistically and emotionally.

They offer utterly unique, emotionally raw, gut wrenching, powerful pussy-centric poetry that doesn’t fit into the mainstream – that doesn’t come across as academic OR as ‘outsider writer’; that comes across as its own oozing entity.

The three semi-finalists -

1.  Paula Cary – Sister, Blood and Bone

2.  Allie Marini Batts – Wake Up, Breathe, Keep Breathing 

3. Paul David Adkins– Pharmacology


The TWO WINNERS, who will have their chapbooks published by Blood Pudding Press -

- Lisa M. Cole - Renegade//Heart  

- Lora Bloom - Poking through The Fabric of the Light that Formed Us: Songs and Stories to Read in the Mirror

Big congratulations to those two winners, whose chapbooks are unique and powerful and amazing and Blood Pudding Press is honored to be publishing them soon.


More details will be announced when the winning chapbooks are formatted and created and brought to life!

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