Blood Pudding Press is not currently accepting submissions, but the Myna Birds flock always is…

Hello there.  As many poets who are also small press editors/publishers are aware of, it seems like as soon as your press publishes a new chapbook, you receive many more handfuls of people asking you if you’re accepting submissions, rather than handfuls of people buying your presses chapbook.

Even though that sometimes bums me out a bit, I’m not really complaining, because I’ve done it a few times too (although if I’m querying a press I’ve never actually purchased anything from, I do at least research the press, to find out if I think we might be a good fit stylistically – but sometimes the people who ask me if my press is accepting submissions, not only have not purchased anything from my press, but also seem to have no idea about my press’s style, even though I try my best to have that information available online, via various sources – the Blood Pudding Press blog, my personal blog, and the Blood Pudding Press shop, where even if you can’t afford to purchase something, you could at least take a peek at what I publish).

Here’s a short version for you about Blood Pudding Press and its style.

Blood Pudding Press is an itty bitty indie poetry press handled by one woman (poet/publisher/artsy dingbat Juliet Cook) and  although the press is open to lots of different styles, its primary interests involve pussy-centric, oddly emotional, sweet/sour, dark/light hybrids.  Contempo horror alterations, kink amalgamations, grotesque treats.  Flirty, volatile, contradictory. Railroad track debris and purring pussies.

Blood Pudding Press does not usually accept submissions on an ongoing basis.  Its most recent series of submissions were accepted through a contest from this past September/October – and then the two contest winners were announced in November – and then the first contest winner’s poetry chapbook was published/went live on New Year’s Eve – and the second contest winning chapbook is currently in progress and will likely be published next month, February 2013.

You can partake of  and/or purchase that first recent contest winning chapbook – Renegade//Heart by Lisa M. Cole at the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop (as well as taking a peek and/or purchasing previous chapbooks and other stuff there too).  Here’s the link - http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress

Stay tuned for the second recent contest winning chapbook, coming soon - Poking Through The Fabric of the Light that Formed Us: Songs and Stories to Read in the Mirror by Lora Bloom

Blood Pudding Press is not anti-query, BUT due to the fact that I’m currently working on the chapbook noted above AND have already planned to look at/consider the work of several other poets in the next few months, I do not wish for any more queries until September 2013, at which point I might (or might not) launch another chapbook contest, depending on various things.

In any case, when I AM accepting submissions for Blood Pudding Press, I will post about that on the Blood Pudding Press blog and elsewhere.

Also, if you’re going to query it's okay if you have not purchased a Blood Pudding Press offering, but AT LEAST investigate Blood Pudding Press offerings and style a bit to attempt a vibe as to whether or not you think we might stylistically/artistically mesh.


Again, as many other poets and small press editors/publishers understand, it’s not easy managing to alternate your creative focus between other people’s creative work AND your own creative work – but I try my best to do what I can in terms of writing and submitting my own work – reading and occasionally publishing other’s work – plus poetry readings and art and more more more – and don’t even get me started on the promoting (I’m not sure how to decide if I’m under-promoting or over-promoting or where/how best to promote, but I try my best). 

We all have our own creative stylistics, right? I do what I can with mine.


Since time wise and energy wise and mentality wise, I cannot afford to publish a lot of print chapbooks for Blood Pudding Press, I also have an online blog style lit mag called Thirteen Myna Birds that is updated almost every month – and is almost always accepting submissions.  You can take a peek at that page (which was just updated a few days ago with new poems) AND it’s guidelines here - http://13myna.blogspot.com/

Best, Blood Pudding Press, Juliet Cook

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