Juliet Cook’s New POISONOUS BEAUTYKSKULL LOLLIPOP is now available!

POISONOUS BEAUTYSKULL LOLLIPOP is Juliet Cook's new 2013 poetry chapbook, published by Grey Book Press – and now available from Grey Book Press (and from her own Blood Pudding Press shop).

Support the press that published it by purchasing a copy here –

The chapbook was edited/published by poet and Grey Book Press editor Scott Sweeney – it’s weirdly awesome cover art was created by poet and artist Jay Snodgrass – and the innards by Juliet Cook are more than 20 different poems that vary from being written five years ago to mere months ago.

Here are the poem titles within this collection:

-Female Infestation
-Self Portrait as Cane Toad Anomaly
-Say She Had Dirty Follicles
-The Moth
-The Ugly Duckling
-The Sugar Glider
-The Swan
-Red Moon Ashes
-Red Lunatic
-Venus Tree
-Stigmata Flicker
-A Sweet Tart Duck with Head Lobbed Off
-What He’s Really Sticking In
-Sucker Punch
-Contorted Impregnation


“I planted my oranges with teeth.
I offered my crush a piece of spiked fruit.
Next thing I knew, he was missing an arm.”     From Venus Tree

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