NEW Review of Sister, Blood and Bone by Paula Cary (a 2013 Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, reviewed by Lisa Cole)

Another new book review written by Lisa Cole about the newest 2013 Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, “Sister, Blood and Bone” by Paula Cary!

Here’s a piece of the review - a tribute to a sister, a trip backward in time to a childhood of pinky swears, playgrounds, and childhood games. The sisters partake in a lifelong dialog with nature, examining turtle bones, eggshells and pig meat, or watching as “the minnow’s dance cupped/its body silver shimmering/In the dusk of summer evening.


You can get yourself a copy of Paula Cary's "Sister, Blood and Bone" poetry chapbook from the Blood Pudding Press shop here -https://www.etsy.com/listing/150775648/sister-blood-and-bone-by-paula-cary-new?

OR you can get yourself TWO 2013 Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks, at a lowered price (choose between "Sister, Blood and Bone" by Paula Cary and/or "Poking through the Fabric..." by Lora Bloom and/or "RENEGADE//HEART" by Lisa Cole) here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/151139145/set-of-two-your-choice-of-two-2013?

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