The Blood Pudding Press 2015 chapbook contest results!

Blood Pudding Press 2015 chapbook contest results!

I know I had indicated with the contest guidelines that at least three finalists and two winners would be chosen - and each of the two winners would have their chapbooks published and would receive thirteen free copies of their chapbook. Similarly to last year, it felt nearly impossible for me to narrow it down to only naming five people, so I doubled that and am naming ten people - four Semi-Finalists, three Finalists, and THREE WINNERS.

I will only be publishing the three winners, but I truly hope the Finalists and Semi-Finalists soon find a press that chooses their manuscripts to publish too. In fact, there were handfuls of chapbooks that very much deserve to be published that didn't quite make it into my top ten list, because I received so many oodles of high quality submissions.


Here are the Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest results - from four Semi-Finalists to three Finalists to the THREE WINNERS.

Four Semi-Finalists:

Clarissa Jakobsons - Camille Claudel: Montdevergues Asylum

Stephanie Lane Sutton - Revocation

Kelly Andrews - Kingdom of Lust

Yu-Han Chao - Notes to a White Belt

Three Finalists :

Paul David Adkins - War Stories


Jennifer MacBain-Stephens - Jeanne

The Three Winners (in the order Blood Pudding Press plans to publish them):

Lauren Gordon - Fiddle Is Flood  (to be published in March)

Matthew J. Hall - Pigeons and Peace Doves (to be published in late May/early June)

Nicole Rollender - Bone of My Bone (to be published in late August/early September)

Thank you again to everyone and big congratulations to the three winners!

I will be in touch with the winners a little later this month.

Sincerely, Blood Pudding Press/Juliet Cook

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