NEW from Blood Pudding Press! - Fiddle Is Flood by Lauren Gordon - the first Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook of 2015!

The first new Blood Pudding Press contest winning poetry chapbook of 2015, Fiddle is Flood, by Lauren Gordon, offers twenty-two unique and powerful poems, inspired by Little House on the Prairie!

Semi-abstract and gorgeously emotional, fabulously crafted, with an utterly one-of-a-kind approach, this content is worth multiple reads.

It is also charmingly wonderful to hold this hand-designed chapbook in all its cover art glory and yarn binding.

The cover art was created by the poet herself. 

Here are a few sample lines for you, from the poem "Dreamt of Haying" - 
God takes care of us so far
as we do what we please
Godless muskrats clambering

up parched tight grass
never seeing soft prairie
never feeling the soft weight

of your son pressing
your ribs       when I’m sixteen
my prayers sound like a woman

behind a sheet in the ink
with a knife a knife renting
air terror my prayers sound like

Read more by purchasing a copy of this chapbook for yourself at the Blood Pudding Press shop here - 

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