New Thirteen Myna Birds - First of Spring 2015!

The NEW Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived! It offers four teaser pieces from the NEW Blood Pudding Press Press poetry chapbook, "Fiddle Is Flood" by Lauren Gordon, followed by new poetry from Davide NixonJohn Claude SmithJoe Milford, Bekah Steimel, (and a few older poems by Jessica Lindsley and Martin Willitts Jr. have moved from the top of the flock to the bottom of the flock, but still live on)!

"silver fishes and all that swim in the darkness - inside my belly - up and over my other bones - cutting my body in half - bared fangs tearing into hope - gyrate & spill give voice to swill - in the black soil of night - a glimmer of hopelessness - in heaven blood up to your ankles"

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