NEW Full Of Crow with oodles of poetry!

The new Full Of Crow April issue is alive, surrounded by poems by Juliet Cook, Sarah Frances Moran, John Swain, A.S.Coomer, Howie Good, and oodles of other creative creatures!
Thank you to Full of Crow poetry editor Elynn Alexander for all her creative flow.

Here it is - http://www.fullofcrow.com/poetry/2016/04/full-crow-poetry-april-2016/

Here is what Elynn Alexander had to day about this new comeback issue -
Full Of Crow Press would like to officially announce and share our "comeback" issue of Full Of Crow Poetry, the first new issue after our year-long hiatus, It is jam packed with great poets. "The contributors are a mix of new and old friends of Crow, emerging and seasoned, international, diverse… as usual - a range of voices from as many perspectives as I could mix into the space."
"People say that it is difficult to get a handle on WHO we publish. I like it that way. That is poetry. That is our world. Full Of Crow is like a diner. You never know who will be there, eating pie, or why."-Elynn Alexander

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