New Review of Red Demolition by Juliet Cook

Empty Sink Publishing (The magazine for intellectual deviants) has republished a review by A.J. Huffman of Juliet Cook's poetry chapbook RED DEMOLITION (Shirt Pocket Press 2014).
In the opening poem, “Head Twists” we find the speaker faced with the fracturing removal from a perceived happily ever after. The rug has been pulled out from under her feet, and she acknowledges a lack of control that has descended with this new reality: “I thought I was real until I became nothing but swerving.” This line resonates as both a universal accepted emotional response to a romantic breakup and as an initiating stone for the tone that ripples across these pages. Cook has created a manic blur of a speaker, a ghost of a woman who sees herself in the assumed reflections of some common and somewhat catastrophic objects. In “Head Twists” we see the first of these reflections as being a “headless manikin.” The speaker is looking at herself in such an image, pondering if such a headless “manikin might be more level headed than the current twisting me.”

Read the rest HERE - http://emptysinkpublishing.com/book-reviews/book-review-red-demolition-by-juliet-cook/

Acquire the chapbook from Shirt Pocket Press HERE - https://shirtpocketpress.wordpress.com/catalog/

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