The First New Review of the New "Fuck Cancer Poems" by Michael Grover (thank you to Christina Brooks)!

A new book review written by Christina M. Brooks of the new "Fuck Cancer Poems" poetry chapbook by Michael Grover (Blood Pudding Press 2017):
"I've never cried thru a book of poetry before but I did with this one. And I still feel teary writing this review. I know the poet personally. Michael is a good friend and has been a staunch supporter of my own poetry from day one. It does make me sad that he is struggling with cancer. And I don't know how long he will be with us. But reading Fuck Cancer Poems that wasn't what brought the tears. What brought the tears was the very penetrating, real writing in it.
Michael has a very rebellious spirit... he sometimes comes off as gruff and combative with people and he has paid a heavy personal cost because of that. But underneath that exterior is a very perceptive, battle weary poetic warrior. His writing has a clarity you don't see very many places or hear from many people anymore. And I think it was that clarity, and the very raw, personal character of these poems that hit me so deeply. I felt these poems. They aren't just about his personal battle with cancer... but a keen eyed look at "cancer" in its other forms too.
Anyway, Thank you Michael Grover for writing these.. and thank you Juliet Cook for publishing them. And thank you to Craig Firsdon for the cover art.
And though they will probably make you cry I highly recommend this book."
Thank you very much to Christina Brooks for this wonderful review.

Anyone interested in acquiring their own copy of "Fuck Cancer Poems" can get it from the Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress

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