NEW! Paloma Reviewed at Rag Queen Periodical

"If grief is another country, Jennifer Hudgen’s poems navigate that terrain like a native. Her chapbook from the ever amazing Blood Pudding Press, is a carnivalesque romp through loss using the often sharp edges of memory, keen insight and a healthy dose of rage at what is snatched from us without warning.
These 14 prose poems, unevenly spaced, startle with their pyrotechnic wordplay, as they call up the author’s memories and reminiscences, jumping in with both feet, explicit yet honest, full of blind rage at times, yet so tender and so evocative throughout that what she grieves, grieves the reader, too."
from a new review by Michelle Reale at Rag Queen Periodical, of the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Paloma" by Jennifer E. Hudgens

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