NEW! The Octopus Review #5!

The Octopus Review #5 has arrived and Blood Pudding Press editor/poet Juliet Cook is delighted to have two poems inside! The issue begins with her "Pisscake" poem - and then her longer poem, "To Serve and Protect (Out of Order)" appears further down among the different shaped Octopus arms and hearts and other parts!
Happy to be surrounded by poetry and art by Matt Borczon, Mike Griffith, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Rob Plath, Jennifer Behling, and more!
Thank you very much to editor Vin Whitman for placing me inside this Octopus!
 It's up to them to quickly decide who is nothing
            but another dead body part rammed
            into their broken down meat machine.
            After all, they're the ones in charge.
            So what if they're out of control.
            Unfair, unjust, who cares?
            What are you going to do? Arrest THEM?
in my poem "To Serve and Protect (Out of Order)", in the new Octopus Review #5 - https://theoctopusdiary.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-octopus-review-5-summer-18.html

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