NEW in Bone & Ink Press - "Dark Princess" by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook AND "Leeches" by Michael Bernstein and Juliet Cook

"The exhibition staged in a black hole, 
the pummel of raw gravity collapsing the catwalk
in a neutron slop, an implosion of logic, 
slick and burning green and just because
the ghosts became ants doesn't mean 
they can't turn red again and then grow
into the size of moray eels and steal
more life. Their crystalline fangs bear down, 
existence itself rending to tatters in a slimy death roll"

within the poem, "Leeches" by Michael Bernstein and Juliet Cook, one of two collaborative poems appearing in Bone & Ink Press today

partake of more HERE - https://www.boneandinkpress.com/single-post/2018/09/12/Two-Poems-by-Juliet-Cook-w-jj-hastain-and-Michael-Bernstein

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