Another NEW Review of an old book, "Horrific Confection" (AND a link to a new book,"Malformed Confetti")

"This is a dark collection of poetry focusing on childhood fears, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and…..cake. Well that is the feeling I get from reading this, it leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination, how you read certain lines in each poem can change the whole poem completely, it’s all very clever.
The book seems to span a great distance, with early poems showing childhood fears and being in awe of her mum, and then in later poems the poet has grown up and is writing about sex and her own baby (which I think may or may not have flippers)."
part of another new review of Juliet Cook's ten tear old first full-length poetry book, "Horrific Confection"
Ten years later (October 2018), Juliet Cook's second full-length poetry book, Malformed Confetti, has finally come to life - and you might be interested in investigating that collection too!
Yours, Juliet Cook

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