A NEW Review of Juliet Cook's new poetry chapbook - The Rabbits With Red Eyes!

"A beautifully crafted and meticulously stitched little book that speaks volumes on its bright white pages. Poetry vociferous in honesty and violent in imagery leaves typed tracks across a heart of blemishes while shrinking into its own stew of consciousness. Here is emoting to the fourth degree, crispy and well singed, tempestuously supple on the inside."
A delightful new review of Juliet Cook's new poetry chapbook, "The Rabbits With Red Eyes" (published by Ethel Zine & Micro-Press). Thank you very much to Janie C.

You can acquire your own copy of The Rabbits With Red Eyes directly from Ethel Zine & Micro-Press, HERE - https://www.ethelzine.com/shop/the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet-cook

You can also acquire a copy directly from the author's own Blood Pudding Press shop, HERE -https://www.etsy.com/listing/792299569/new-the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet?ref=shop_home_feat_2

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