Happy Poetry Month from Thirteen Myna Birds! The NEW April flock has arrived with 20 NEW poems for your reading pleasure!

Happy Poetry Month from Thirteen Myna Birds! The new April flock is HERE, including TWENTY NEW POEMS!
Poetry by Martin Willitts Jr., Rachel J. Fenton, J. MacBain-Stephens, Paul Brookes, Scott Ferry, J.C. Mari, Kristin Garth, and John Compton!

"The world is beginning slowness, about to slide into the muddy banks - Our bones lock our refreshed hearts in a new cage - a twisted birthday where one woke at their funeral - we jump and pounce on each other - nowhere to run - the squirrel with brains knocked out by someone's car - Complete items are wrong, ugly, incorrect - you want me to notice the words, what remains of them. What did they mean before and what do they mean now? - How many times a day do I place false closures on the ends of words? - just grey and white and swollen with brine - driving on her own ghost train - I pretend to fit the correct ends into sockets - blood drawn, buttoned lips - and out it comes, surprising you with its ferocity - pleasure gardens for hyenas - The occupation of colors avalanches - Annihilate me and my fairy tale"

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