The First Thirteen Myna Birds Flock of 2022 is HERE!

Happy 2022 from Thirteen Myna Birds!

The first Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2022 is now upon us, offering poetry and art by Kim Malinowki, MISH, jck hnry, Wayne F. Burke, Geoff Sawers, and Peter Mladinic!
Coffins rose up - I’m cloaked in red hood—spinning - bobbing to the Earth's surface - she sits on a stool behind a plastic barrier - wears a mask just as we all do right now - my dream notes are confusing and filled with dark images - sharp, dripping canines - my inbox is filled with stark reminders - not that big a deal unless you are the one in the box - They all hate you but none understand you - Silk webs wrap half a hawthorn - I might paint my face so that my face is like a mask - bleached spine on a library shelf - A mole in the middle of my forehead grew into an eye - Blink and you'll never blink again - Don’t stop till I say Stop.
Dive in HERE - https://13myna.blogspot.com/
Pack by MISH

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