Happy last day of November! Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself Issue 5 is here!

"Their necks crimson like the red-tide
and in the midst of this rose-colored debacle
stood Moses, statuesque, his hoary beard crawling
with the syncopation of red spider mites dancing
to the tune of The Masque of the Red Death.

His tablets soaked in the brackish brine of the Red Sea.
Then Moses opened his mouth and Satan emerged
in the form of an enlarged Woodlouse
carrying a small red crib on its head
with a doll head inside the crib."

from "Paint It Red" by Juliet Cook and Daniel G. Snethen


Juliet Cook is delighted to have two collaborative poems appearing in Issue 5 of Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself, the Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Ghost Stories Issue, which also celebrates the one year anniversary of this magazine! Brimming with strange poetry, horror stories, art, interviews and more!

Cook's collaborative poem with Daniel G. Snethen is called "Paint It Red". Cook's collaborative poem with j/j hastain is called "And Then Rise". There is darkly wonderful cover art by Lauren Gordon, creepily wonderful poetry by Sarah Nichols, Jaya Gandhi, Valerie Loveland and more!

Thank you to editors Fox & Cee!

Click on Issue 5 here, if you dare! - https://agape-editions.com/alice-says-go-fuck-yourself/?fbclid=IwAR3nl3l2R0ZEdifH8WSVCHl1bV-dVCevOULUSV39qMuVYBD3gaV0pgRthCc

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