Happy first day of December! "Your Mouth is Moving Backwards" (Juliet Cook's new poetry chapbook) is now available!

"In this diorama, Bob is cut into pieces,
repositions itself inside different damaged brains.

While bobbing for apples, she screams
at what lies underneath the core.
Her flickering power lines will bleed into the void.

Some will see the red apples as ball gags inside her mouth.
Some will see the red apples as representations of Hell.
Some will say Hell does not exist."

(in the poem "Invaded Cores")


Happy first day of December 2023! I am extremely excited, delighted, and thrilled to have my new poetry chapbook, "Your Mouth is Moving Backwards" officially available from the wonderful independent press, Ethel Zine & Micro Press, as of today!

Just in time for the holidays and the New Year, at least for those of you who have peculiarly quirky gift lists involving strange, dark, emotionally twisted poetry.

The 28 poems in this collection are filled with internal and external violence and abuse, chaotic horror and entrapment, humans trapped behind walls or in beds, dolls thrown down the stairs and hiding in partially contained places, dolls pretending to be humans, humans pretending to be dolls, humans fused together with evil.

Some of the inspiration for some of the poems partly derived from Twin Peaks. 15 poems in the collection have the title "FLESH WORLD", which comes from the name of a magazine in Twin Peaks. But there are other titles too and other inspirations and insinuations too, including Cook's own real life experiences, thoughts, and feelings doused into dark red poetry.

Dive into Cook's latest strangely crafted poetic mess HERE:



Your Mouth Is Moving Backwards cover art

Ronette Pulaski/Phoebe Augustine

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